A3 Pre-competition day



The initial concept was to create a pavilion that caused people to interact with it in certain ways, obscuring the views through the pavilion was the first step. We wanted to have a space that was open, but closed, whereby the flow of people through the space was easy, but from the outside you were not able to see exactly what was happening within.Design process - competition

This brief led us to create a design based around a series of planes, that would allow views in and out of the pavilion, but only give a partial representation of what is really happening. Our hope is that this would spark interest in people and they will then enter and experience the space. Timber structureTimber structure 2P1020713

Above is our mock up model for the design competition, highlighting the fluid connection between the two forms, and the dowel connections between the sheets of timber. And below is a larger scale joint, showing how we planned on having dowel through the structure, but also through the connecting dowel to prevent the structure from moving laterally, holding the planes in position.


The duality of our design has come from the idea that conversation comes from two sides, and to lead people into a central space and promote conversation between strangers and friends alike. This also enabled us to tessellate the shapes from one half of the form to the other, which during the construction will improve efficiency and save time and material.



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