The design of the stone pavilion consists of six tall cylindrical gabions & a dry stone wall which has a circle of stones created from two stone arches imbedded in it.

The gabions are placed in specific arrangement so that when you look through the viewfinder the individual gabbing overlap to create a dynamic figure – this gives the pavilion a different exciting dimension, encouraging the public to come and interact with it.

Day 1) – Friday 20th – Smashing up a load of rock

After the competition we started working on F2’s wining gabions design. To create the many gabions and the dry stone view finder we would need a lot of smaller pieces of rock. So using mallets and chisels we broke up the much large pieces. Once we had processed all the rocks we boxed them up in plastic containers and moved them shop unit on the moor.

output_IqaCFWoutput_roKiBf-2output_dbiFcQ    DSC00470DSC00472output_ODB3PfDSC00505DSC00448DSC00445DSC00456output_ox5qOBDSC00483DSC00452DSC00488


Day 2) – Tuesday 24th – Starting to construct 

We started by making the dry-stone wall the view finder will sit on once finished we boxed it off according to each level of the wall so it should be easy to assemble again on the day. We also starred making the gabions using chicken wire tided together with garden wire. In addition we started to create the arches for the view finder using cement to bond the stone together.

DSC00635DSC00575    DSC00638DSC00731output_sozOMUoutput_Gy5Z5u  DSC00841DSC00851DSC00855



Day 3) – Wednesday 25th – Carrying on 

We finished creating the gabions and then used sheets of paper with the design on to test if it will work, IT DID!!! We then masking taped over the gabions so we know where to place the slate. We also carried on working on creating the circle for the dry stone wall viewfinder.

DSC01006DSC01002  DSC01025DSC01008    DSC01076DSC01073    DSC00974DSC01001  DSC00951DSC01083

Day 4) – Thursday 26th – Dress rehearsal

To ensure that everything went to plan on the day we filled all of the gabions with the stone and slate to ensure we have enough of each material to create the whole installation. After filling them we carefully remove all the stones and boxed them for easy transport to the moor for the day of the exhibition.







stoneC1 stoneF2


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