A1 Pre-competition day

Collection of materials :
IMG_0061       IMG_0062


Mixing concrete:

IMG_0195      IMG_0200


Experimenting with different aggregates:

IMG_0080      IMG_0071      IMG_0104    IMG_0098      IMG_0135      IMG_0132



Design process:

IMG_0126      IMG_0121      IMG_0114 IMG_0110      IMG_0131      IMG_0130



Making the moulds:

IMG_0077      IMG_0095

IMG_0085      IMG_0082




Making the model:

IMG_0129      IMG_0128



Final Design:

DSC_0075      DSC_0076 DSC_0078    DSC_0080


Our design was based on similar interlocking tiles symbolizing the connection that the Moor and its markets creates between the people visiting it and the city. That’s why we decided adding seats in our structure so people can interact with it by sitting and meeting lots of other people. For its implementation we were thinking something in the lines of mass production because as you can see in our model above a big number of these tiles had to be made. Additionally, during our experimentation with different aggregates we noticed that using stone as aggregate was very efficient in terms of stability.


Check out our design process video at:


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