C2 Pre-competition day


Design process:

11003959_1541803819419453_1380703044_n      11003912_1541803832752785_1419401570_n

11006117_1541803849419450_187997813_n      11016564_1541803882752780_1539053209_n

11015950_1541803739419461_1757343505_n      11020295_1541803872752781_1571007006_n




10706491_1541803749419460_111987610_n      11016768_1541803756086126_81927121_n



Within our design we were aiming to challenge the nature of concrete so we came up with an innovative and exciting design. We were inspired by the contrast between comfort, as a characteristic of a hammock, and the hard quality of concrete by replacing the material that is usually laid upon with many cylindrical pieces of concrete (as shown in the drawings and pictures above).  We experimented by casting concrete containing foam insulation and polystyrene balls as aggregates to reduce the weight of the concrete. When creating the model, shown above, we calculated that the weight of one of the test cylinders, about 1/20th of the weight of the final design, was 15kg. This gave us a problem as we realised that our innitial base would have failed to support a hammock weighing around 300 kgs. Therefore, the design was changed many times. Initially we planned to use two horse-shoe shaped concrete supports with steel bars to attach the hammock. However, during the process of testing the design, we realised that the two bases would fail and fall. Therefore, we changed the supports to help oppose the forces acting upon them by using additional steel and changing the shape of the bases.


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