B1 Pre-competition day

Another brick in the wall…


When we were first allocated brick, to design and construct a place of conversation, we wanted to explore the possibilities of brick in unconventional ways.

As a group, going for a typical wall like structure isn’t an option for our final design. We are exploring different ways we could use the bricks, with textures and shapes in order for our design to stand out from our competition!

Day 1

At 10:00am we had no bricks; by 6:00pm we had over 1000 coming to George Porter the following day! But before that bomb shell hit, we had to scavenge bricks from skips and off walls in order to get on with designing. Hauling the bricks back to the Arts Tower is an experience that our muscles don’t want to experience again!

L1000867 We experimenting with patterns which we could incorporate into the design.


Day 2-3

Bricks have arrived!


Exploring possible forms and shapes


10991497_10155237759905383_9188141238490604530_o10847555_10155237759500383_1457057665459052903_oDAY 4-5

“Brick Carpet”

Listen up! A large seating area made out of bricks. It moves, it’s flexible, it’s fluid! 

We have developed on Oscar’s idea of a brick swing, to create a large, moving, bench like structure. The idea appealed to us as it really pushes the boundaries of bricks. But it has brought up questions about construction. Can it hold the weight and tension to carry a persons weight? How heavy a load will the brick take? How are we going to attach it? These are questions we intend to answer through trial and error and experimentation.

1979389_10155237765295383_9100478706172708659_o10974381_10155241191840383_2353731452558455342_o                                           10827885_10155241191915383_9167500300816912477_o      10974586_10155237765185383_8676929590421610354_o

Competition day…


Weaving the bricks with chain so they will keep together but will retain movement.


Creating a 1:1 model of our design









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