E1 Pre-competition day

My Bricks Don’t Lie..

Our brief for this P6 project was to come up with concept designs for a structure or pavilion that could be used by the public of Sheffield as “A Place For Conversation” in the centre of The Moor. Having been previously studying bricks and masonry for both R1 and R2 research projects we were able to carry forward our recently obtained knowledge into this P6 project.

Here’s a link to some of our R1 research: https://sites.google.com/a/sheffield.ac.uk/matter-reality/brick/group-e1/r1

Here’s a link to our R2 research: https://sites.google.com/a/sheffield.ac.uk/matter-reality/brick/group-e1/r2

^ She loves Bricks ^

Tuesday 10th February.

We assigned oursleves different roles within the group for this project and specifically aimed to go for roles that were outside our comfort-zone. These roles were distributed as follows:

Project Manager – Dulcie Foster-Finn

Material Scout – James Chapman

Health and Safety Advisor & Photgrapher – Amber Seipel

Head of Building – Asia Zwierzchowska

Project Reporter – Sam McMillan

Structural Engineer – Matt Allen

Site Analyser – Jeremy Wu

Friday 13th February.

Our Materials Scout, James Chapman, spoke to various companies and builders on construction sites and we were lucky enough to secure approximately 1000 bricks (free of charge!) from the very generous Carlton Brick factory in Barnsley, having previously visited a few weeks prior.


unnamed (18)

Manual Labour: the team unloading the bricks.

unnamed (19)

Big guns!

unnamed (20)

^ He loves bricks too ^

unnamed (1)

Finally all finished for the day!

 Monday 16th February.

Initially we were playing around with different shapes and forms that could be made with bricks, trying to be as creative and playful as possible in order to give ourselves some inspiration and hopefully find a starting point for our design.

unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

Experimenting with bricks at different angles.

unnamed (4) unnamed (5)

Experimenting with spiral shapes.

unnamed (6) unnamed (7)

Don’t know what that is but it looks pretty cool!

unnamed (8) unnamed (9)


Quick experimental sketches taken from Sam’s sketch journal.

Having played around with various shapes, structures, patterns and bonds we began to settle on a design idea. Keeping our brief in mind ( A place for conversation) we decided we quite like the idea of a seated area similer to the idea of a confession box, whereby two people could sit facing different directions and talk through a hole in the middle of the wall. Trying to keep the idea aesthetic and fun we came up with an “S” shaped plan for our structure…

unnamed (11)unnamed (12)


 Here’s Dulcie and Sam discussing the necessary angles and height for a comfortable conversation.

unnamed (15)


unnamed (16)

 She’s not usually that happy…

unnamed (17)

 A concept model of what our design could look like.

Friday 20th February: Competition Day

 We wanted our exhibition to be quite interactive for the viewer so on competition day we decided to make some small clay sketch models of our design idea to help the viewers understand the structure in 3D as well as a small brick detail to give people an idea of the form and texture.


Asia and Matt working on the clay models.


The small brick detail outlining the spiral structure with the hole in the middle representing the gaps for users to talk through.



Concept sketches depicting what are design might resemble. Taken from Matt and Asia’s sketch journals.


A detailed drawing of the spiral column by James

IMG_9207  IMG_9209

Two concept collages by Amber showing the relationship between the two users.


Water colour details by Dulcie, experimenting with different brick bonds.


Finally all together: A view of our final exhibition completed in one day only.

 Although, unfortunately, we did not have time to continue to develop this idea we did start to consider having 2 “S” shapes crossing over allowing seating for 4 people. We also liked the idea of using the holes in the brick work to create interesting patterns in the shadows, playing around with the lighting slightly more.


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