Bricking It..

Groups B1 and E1 had both been assigned Bricks to study throughout their R1, R2 and P6 Project. On Friday 30th January both groups visited local brick manufacturer, Carlton Bricks Ltd. located in Barnsley for a tour of the factory and to gain valuable knowledge of the brick making process. Whilst there we were given lots of useful information by the very friendly, and even more enthusiastic, chairman of the company and chief of sales.

The following are links to all the information we gathered about bricks whilst visiting the factory and individually.



brickB1            brickE1

*Post-Competition Day*

Friday 20th February

After B1’s pitch had won on competition day both B1 & E1 formed to create a brick-enthuised super-group to continue tweaking and perfecting the design of the fluid, hammock style design. What we began to create was chainmail like object made using bricks, with old table legs to hold them together, to create the dynamic seat of the chair.

10959949_10155265471485383_6933939484305869525_o 10471314_10155265471610383_6464222336738123417_n

Here’s Matt working on making the seat.

Once the seat had been created it was time to start building the arms/legs of the design.


The squad working on the side walls.

Now it’s time to put it all together..



Oscar working hard..


Felix absolutely loves it!

Once the first seat was built and we had worked it all out structurally we decided to make a second chair facing the opposite direction and slightly raised so two people could be seated- it’s a place for conversation after all!

unnamed unnamed (1)

And here’s a shot of the chairs in action.

unnamed (2)

Finally we decided it would be a nice touch to add a foot-rest type area that would also add to the over all aesthetics of the design.

unnamed (4) unnamed (3)

Thursday 26th February.

Once we had decided there was nothing more we could add to the design it was time to dismantle it all ready to be loaded into the van for friday morning. We made sure everything we had done had been recorded very carfully and labelled each metal pole to ensure we knew exactly how to re-create it on friday morning.

unnamed (5)

11018868_10155277334910383_5852603772648520023_n (1)

A very detailed breakdown of the design by Sarah to help us reconstruct it on friday

Back to just 2 stacks of bricks again 😦

unnamed (6)

Time to load the van!

unnamed (7)unnamed (8)unnamed (9) unnamed (14)

Steven couldnt get enough of that trolley. He loved it.

unnamed (11)

The B1 Family

.unnamed (12)

Most of the E1 Family.

unnamed (13)

One big brick loving family.


(Friday 27th February)

By Friday we were more than ready to finally watch all our hard work pay off and at 9am we were already to start unloading our hordes of bricks off of the van. With 14 of us all working together we soon had all the bricks unloaded and stacked on our site in no time at all.

unnamed (15)

Now to start building… I cannot describe how useful it was to have recorded each different section of the design we made in the workshop in great deal because it made it 1,000,000 times easier to build. It was like having a flat pack piece of furnature from IKEA, although the instruction manual actually made sense! With the middle two walls being erected first we decided it would improve the structure to have a flemish bond on the bottom few courses of brick to hold the two walls together better.unnamed (4)

We then measured out where the outer walls would lie and began building, following the recordings in the journal the whole time.

unnamed (1)unnamed (5)unnamed

We divided ourselves into small groups of two or three and designated ourselves different sections to build, mainly to help build it as quickley and efficiently as possible.

unnamed (2)unnamed (3)

unnamed (7)unnamed (6)


A nice panoramic shot of us in action taken by Edmund.

Once the hammock-seats had been created it was time for the only hard part of the day… lifting them into position!!

unnamed (8)unnamed (9)

unnamed (10)

 Here’s the girls really working hard.

unnamed (12)unnamed (13)unnamed (14)

unnamed (16)unnamed (17)

Success! The chair went into position fairly easily and we didnt break it or any other part of the walls in the process.

unnamed (19)

AND, it actually works!!

Now for the second seat which actually went very smoothly as well, probably due to the fact the position we had to get it in was considerably lower down so we didnt have to break our backs lifting it to high.

unnamed (21) unnamed (20) unnamed (22)

Oscar just applying some finishing touches.

Finally we added the smaller side walls and foot areas to add to the aesthetics.

unnamed (36)unnamed (38)unnamed (28) unnamed (27) unnamed (26)

With great pace and everyone putting in a strong shift we were complete, start-to-finish, in just 1 hour and 20 minutes. I have since been informed that, that is  a new world record time to have built a double-brick-deck-chair-hammock.

unnamed (41)unnamed (48)unnamed (28)  unnamed (46) unnamed (47)  unnamed (49)

With team morale high and a strong sense of bricktory in the air it was time to enjoy the fruits of our labour and try these bad boys out!

 unnamed (30)  unnamed (34) unnamed (31)Felix seems to have lost his legs amongst all the excitement!

unnamed (35)

Even the other groups seem to love our project.

 Below is a video made by Steven showing a time lapse of us building on the day as well as interviews with the public.



Well done gang, great work!

#brick #matterreality #SSoA


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